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Funky short hair

23 Aug 2019

We all got to know Miley Curys as Hannah Montana, with long auburn hair. Beauf´tiful! WHo would have guessed back then that this sweet girl would be one of the most controversial personas in the celebrity world, just a few years later. She chopped off her locks, started dressing wierdly and started acting very sexy in both performances and music vidoes (Wrecking ball!!). But, at the same time, I mus say, Miley always seemed so grounded and stable. I guess she needed her own revolution and with all right. It was, however, Miley who taught me that chiocs can look a million bucks even with very short hair.


Thinking about getting a horse

12 May 2019


When I was younger, I rode a lot. I went to the riding school, one lesson per week. I also was in the stable every other day. I helped a lot in the stable. Sometimes I would riding for free, out in the forrest. I miss those times, cause it was really nice. Now I’m thinking of getting me a horse of my own. I always wanted a horse, but the time has not been right. But now it is.  So looking for a horse to buy and also of course, also invest in saddle, bridle, saddle pad and everything else that you need to have for a horse. And I need to look for a place in a stable. Don’t have one, maybe I can rent? Will also check with a friend of mine, that has a horse. Where she has it.

Equipment for equestrian

If I buy myself a horse, then I must buy equipment for myself. I had such things when I was younger. But there is none of that left. So I need to buy myself a helmet, riding breeches, riding boots, riding jacket and so on. It's a must have to have the right clothes and other equipment. Fortunately, there are a lot of stores that sell all this. They usually sell for both riders and horses. So it must be that I check with. But first look for a horse on ads.


Jolene for ever

23 Mar 2019

Jolene is such a classic song by now. Best known performed by Dolly Parton, of course, but also performed by numoerous other bands and artists (who doesn't remember The White Stripes' fabulous version of it?). Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus' God mother and the duo has performed Jolene together in a magical performance.

Miley on skis

6 Dec 2018

Skiing is my absolute favourite sport and the season is coming up. I have already booked my skiing holiday for January and will spend two full weeks in the French Alps. Can't wait! I know there are quite a few celebs who are into skiing too, but they usually don't stay at the same budget resorts that I do. Unfortunately the chalets they stay at are waaaay out of my league. Miley would look really good on skis, but I think she would be more of a snowboard kind of snow lover.

Time for new boots

Anyway, I do have Miley on my mind when I go out to buy new ski wear and gear. This year I need new ski boots, but how to choose ski boots? It's been so many years since I last hade to buy new boots and the questions are many. Lucky me that my favourite skiing site has the answers. I am going for some serious shopping next week so any tips are welcome.

Knowing Miley's style pretty well I think she would go for something colourful and funky if ever buyng ski clothes. Or perhaps something black/white. Who am I kidding? She would probably buy different styles for every new day... If I could spend a week in her shoes (boots?), just to see what it is like to be her - I'd give anything!

Interesting eyeliner technique

5 Dec 2017

I love a perfect winged eyeliner on a pretty face. It's one of the most attractive ways to put on make-up. It's a challenge for many girls though, to get that eyeliner perfect, and the methods are quite many. In this video clip we are presented with quite an unusual way to apply the eyeliner, but I tried it and it's pretty convenient!