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Thinking about getting a horse


When I was younger, I rode a lot. I went to the riding school, one lesson per week. I also was in the stable every other day. I helped a lot in the stable. Sometimes I would riding for free, out in the forrest. I miss those times, cause it was really nice. Now I’m thinking of getting me a horse of my own. I always wanted a horse, but the time has not been right. But now it is.  So looking for a horse to buy and also of course, also invest in saddle, bridle, saddle pad and everything else that you need to have for a horse. And I need to look for a place in a stable. Don’t have one, maybe I can rent? Will also check with a friend of mine, that has a horse. Where she has it.

Equipment for equestrian

If I buy myself a horse, then I must buy equipment for myself. I had such things when I was younger. But there is none of that left. So I need to buy myself a helmet, riding breeches, riding boots, riding jacket and so on. It's a must have to have the right clothes and other equipment. Fortunately, there are a lot of stores that sell all this. They usually sell for both riders and horses. So it must be that I check with. But first look for a horse on ads.


12 May 2019