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Miley on skis

Skiing is my absolute favourite sport and the season is coming up. I have already booked my skiing holiday for January and will spend two full weeks in the French Alps. Can't wait! I know there are quite a few celebs who are into skiing too, but they usually don't stay at the same budget resorts that I do. Unfortunately the chalets they stay at are waaaay out of my league. Miley would look really good on skis, but I think she would be more of a snowboard kind of snow lover.

Time for new boots

Anyway, I do have Miley on my mind when I go out to buy new ski wear and gear. This year I need new ski boots, but how to choose ski boots? It's been so many years since I last hade to buy new boots and the questions are many. Lucky me that my favourite skiing site has the answers. I am going for some serious shopping next week so any tips are welcome.

Knowing Miley's style pretty well I think she would go for something colourful and funky if ever buyng ski clothes. Or perhaps something black/white. Who am I kidding? She would probably buy different styles for every new day... If I could spend a week in her shoes (boots?), just to see what it is like to be her - I'd give anything!

6 Dec 2018